Timeline Post by Julieacollins87

Hi! My names Julie and I’m trying to contact Riley Green and his staff because my daughter Ava Grave who is 13 and in the 8th grade at West Wilkes Middle School is absolutely in love with Mr. Green! I wanted to get tickets or become some sort of VIP understanding and knowing there are cost regarding this however Ava is my baby girl and again she’s in love with Riley Green!! We live in Wilkes County, North Carolina and there were no tour dates near us besides in Anderson, South Carolina but unfortunately those tickets were sold out. For Christmas this year Ava has ask for Riley Greene Merchandise but I wanted it to be real authentic Riley Green Apparel and wasn’t sure where I could purchase this! Also I wanted to see about getting his autograph for her is at possible or the process I need to go through to get this if we could make this happen! Please! Ava is one of his biggest fans and has an  Instagram story dedicated to Riley and even made a Tik-Tok about him!! He should check it out!! My daughter is one of the sweetest people you could ever meet and is absolutely beautiful and so smart she’s straight A’s, she’s a cheerleader and she’s just a good kid and I would love nothing more but to be able to do something for my daughter regarding Riley Green. I want to get her some apparel for sure because that was on her Christmas list she did also ask for a $200 pair of Riley Green sunglasses however at that given time that was when I decided that I had rather just get her tickets to see him in person! She would be absolutely ecstatic with anything to do with Riley Green!! I want to thank you for being such a good role model to the younger generation! And I personally have to say that Riley Green is the first celebrity that my daughter has ever even kept up with, followed, etc. Thank you for your time and any feedback would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks again!!