Timeline Post by gachick22

Hey y’all,

I don’t know if anyone will ever see this, but I figured I’d ask. My name is Sam and I am from Georgia, but I currently live at the Olympic training center in Colorado. I have been a fan of Riley Green for sometime now and especially his song Bury Me In Dixie. I do however have a difficult time singing whole heartedly about his beloved Alabama, because I am Georgia girl. I decided one morning to try and rewrite some of the lyric to be about Georgia instead of Alabama. I don’t have the lyrical genius as Riley, but I gave it my best shot and I hope that there could be a chance he could sing it when he plays at the Georgia Theater in November. I am flying home almost a week early for Thanksgiving just to see him play, and it mean the world to me and all of my fellow Georgians if he could sing this song to us that night. I know it’s a long shot, but I figured I’d ask.

So here it is…my best shot at a Georgia version of Bury Me In Dixie… I hope he isn’t offended

Mt. Yonah is my Everest

And Oconee is my Nile

Georgia’s where I was born and raised

I think I’ll stay a while

We sing bout Ramblin’ Man

And Georgia On My Mind

Tell stories about downtown nights and Baxter bein’ lined

Cause music row ain’t only in Tennessee

Won’t you bury me in Dixie

Underneath these tall Georgia Pines

Take me to Atlanta

Plant me under the fifty yard line

Put me in an old truck

Four door Chevrolet

Drive me down to Watkinsville

And park me by the lake

Take me to downtown Milly

Put me under an oak tree

Party at Amici

With my new fake ID

I’ll rest in peace if they

bury me in Dixie

Well lay me beside my daddy

And my grandpa just the same

I want every headstone next to mine to read my last name

Take me up to classic city

Turn right off Baldwin street

Lead me to ole Sanford

And show me to my seat

When God decides it’s time for us to meet

Won’t you bury me in Dixie

Where hard work is a plow

I wish Robert E. Lee could come back

And take a bow

Spend fall break down at frat beach

and set me up to watch the coin toss

And everybody drinks on me I don’t care what it cost

But take me over to Augusta

Spread my ashes at hole three

Start it off with an ace from my big ass wood 3

I’ll rest in peace if they bury me in Dixie

Won’t God bless good ol’ Georgia from sea to Tennessee

I’ll rest in peace

If they bury me in Dixie

Thank you,

Sam Simonton